A very effective way to get involved and have your views listened to in important decisions is to get in contact  with your local Community Council.

This section of the website also has information on how you can have your say!


Current Consultations include:

– First Bus Network Proposals – until 30th August, 2019
– Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – Strategic Plan 19/20 – until 18th July, 2019
– Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan – until 26th July, 2019
– Aberdeen Adapts: Climate Adaptation Framework – until 29th July, 2019
– Community Justice – Engagement & Consultation – until February, 2020
– Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22) – 2019
– Roads Hierarchy Study & Review (Aberdeen and North East Scotland) – Still taking place


First Bus Network Proposals

A consultation on the proposed reduction of frequency, withdrawal of some routs and changes to other routs in and around Aberdeen City.

Taking place until: 30th August

Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – Strategic Plan

A consultation on Strategic Plan 2019 – 2020 is taking place, inviting views on the Priority Outcomes, holistic support and experiences from communities.

Taking place until: 18th July


Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

A consultation on supporting travel on foot, bike, public transport or other low-emission forms of transport in communities and throughout the city.

Taking place until: 26th July


Aberdeen Adapts: Climate Adaptation Framework

A consultation on the long-term city-wide collaborative approach to prepare for, adapt and address climate change.

Taking place until: 29th July


Community Justice

Shaping the future of how we approach and support the strategies, services and support available in and around Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22)

All views, comments and recommendations to:

Roads Hierarchy Study & Review – North East Scotland

There is currently a brochure / booklet available for an overview of the consultation that is being conducted in Aberdeen and throughout the North-East, available at this link.

If you have any initial thoughts, recommendations to raise or issues that you’d like to see addressed by this Study & Review, you can e-mail to the address of:


Previous consultations include

– Aberdeen City Rent Consultation  – Consultation Closed, September ’18
– Aberdeen City Autism Strategy – Consultation Closed, October ’18
– Aberdeen Local Development Plan – Still Taking Place
– Integrated Children and Family Services Guide – December, ’19
– ‘Help Shape Our Services’ December, ’18
– The Silver City Vault’ Aberdeen City Libraries – December, ’18
– Young Carer Grant Regulations – December, ’18
– BBC TV License Policy – Ages 75+ from 2020 – February, ’19
– Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22) – February, ’19
– Broad Street – April, ’19
– City Voice – April, ’19
– Local Development Plan (Main Issues Report) – May, ’19


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