A very effective way to get involved and have your views listened to in important decisions is to get in contact  with your local Community Council.

This section of the website offers information on how you can have your say!

Current Consultations include:

– Your Police, Community Survey – until 9th April, 2020
– Essential Digital Skills – until 30th June, 2020
– Local Development Plan, Aberdeen – until 31st August 2020
– Help Shape Our Services – until 31st December, 2020
– First Bus Network Proposals – Ongoing

Your Police – Community Survey (2020 – 21)

Including feedback received from communities in Aberdeen and across Scotland over these weeks, with particular focus on Coronavirus related response and support, while also looking to future priorities.

Available at this link.

Taking place until: 9th April, 2020


Essential Digital Skills – Community Planning Aberdeen

To establish an understanding of the current level of essential digital skills that citizens feel they have in Aberdeen, in order to identify areas of support that can be provided through a suite of forthcoming initiatives.

Available at this link.

Taking place until: 30th June, 2020

Local Development Plan, Aberdeen – Proposed Plan 2020

‘A Local Development Plan sets out locations for new homes and businesses, identifies areas for protection, and ensures facilities for good quality of life are in place – such as public transport, schools and open space. The allocations and policies in development plans affect everyday life, for example, how people travel, where people live, shop, work and spend their leisure time.

The Local Development Plan also has to assist in tackling global and national challenges such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and inequalities in health and wellbeing. 

The Proposed Plan was agreed at Full Council on 02 March 2020. It outlines the Council’s vision for how the city should grow.’

Available at this link.
Further information at this link.

Taking place until: 31st August, 2020


Help Shape Our Services

A consultation on a broad range of Aberdeen City Council / Local Authority delivered or supported services, with continual updates as the consultation continues.

Available at this link.

Taking place until: 31st December, 2020


First Bus Network Proposals

A ongoing consultation on the proposed changes to frequency and change of routes in and around Aberdeen City.

There are currently negotiations taking place between Aberdeen City Council and First Bus to preserve the most important community connection routes, and on the future of the company.

There is also ongoing support and contribution from Aberdeen Civic Forum to this process, putting forward the concerns and priorities of communities.

We’d also like to thank First-Bus and Stagecoach Buses for their ongoing engagement and consultation with communities across Aberdeen.

If you have experience of public transport or have a view for how important routes can be retained, we very much encourage you to get in contact with us here at:


Previous consultations include

– Housing to 2040: A Vision for our Future Homes and Communities, February ’20
– Planning (Scotland) Act: Performance and Fees – February, ’20
– Active Travel: Action Plan Refresh – February, ’20
– Promotion Good Mental Health: Action Plan – February, ’20
– Community Justice: Aberdeen and Scotland – February, ’20
– Fixed-Term Rent Policy Questionnaire – January, ’20
– Developing an Electric Vehicle Strategy for Aberdeen – January, ’20
– Youth Justice Standards – January, 2020
– Public Sector Bodies in Tackling Climate Change – December, ’19
– Granite City Growing – Green Space & Food Growing December, ’19
– SEV Licensing Consultation – November, ’19
– Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy Review – 29th November, ’19
– Aberdeen’s Hyrdogen Buses 2019 – October, ’19
– Police Priorities for Scotland: Strategic Review –October, ’19
– Social Security – Advocacy Service Standards – October, ’19
– Advocacy Service Standards – October, ’19
– Bookbug Library SessionsOctober, ’19
– Aberdeen Adapts: Climate Adaptation Framework – July ’19
– Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan – July ’19
– Scottish Fire & Rescue Service – Strategic Plan 19/20 – July ’19
– Local Development Plan (Main Issues Report) – May, ’19
– City Voice – April, ’19
– Broad Street – April, ’19
– Aberdeen City Health & Social Care Partnership – Strategic Plan (2019 – 22) – February, ’19
– BBC TV License Policy – Ages 75+ from 2020 – February, ’19
– Aberdeen Local Development Plan – 2019
– Young Carer Grant Regulations – December, ’18
– The Silver City Vault’ Aberdeen City Libraries- December, ’18
– ‘Help Shape Our Services’ – December, ’18
– Integrated Children and Family Services Guide – December, ’18
– Aberdeen City Autism Strategy – October ’18
– Aberdeen City Rent Consultation – September 2018


Photo by michiru on Unsplash