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Community Funding

Investing in Communities, Grant Funding

There is currently up to £11.5 million available to communities in Scotland, with grants ranging from £3, 000 up to £250, 000 in order to support:

– Addressing local priorities and needs
– Increasing active inclusion

– Building on / Working with the assets of local communities

Taking place until: 14th June

Investing in Communities – Community Led Design

Part of this funding will be specifically inviting applications on developing Community Led Design, including ‘Local Place Plans’ where communities create a vision for their built environment and space in future years.

Taking place until: 14th June



  • Aberdeen City Council Budget 2019-2020

This Year’s Local Authority Budget was decided upon, on Tuesday, 5th March 2019.

The City of Aberdeen Community Council Forum and Aberdeen Civic Forum highlighted key concerns and recommendations, particularly on ensuring continued support and investment in communities.

You can find a copy of the letter at the following [Link].

We thank all of our Members, Stakeholders, Associates and the communities of Aberdeen for their support in raising these concerns and recommendations.

We are committed to working with all levels of Government, Public Services, Third Sector Stakeholders, Businesses and importantly with our Communities to mitigate any potential impacts and exploring future sources of funding and support.


Community Empowerment & Research

Strengthening Community Councils (National Research Report, April 2019)

– The Community Council Forum, along with Community Councils in Aberdeen and throughout Scotland supported and contributed to the National Research Project, exploring their evolving role in strengthening democracy in Scotland.

Created by Scottish Community Development Centre and What Works Scotland


Priorities & Updates

(Information on Priorities & Updates)

  • Aberdeen City Council Budget 2019-2020 – Letter of Concern and Response [Link] – March, 2019
  • Schools Transport, Safety and Assessment, Response from Aberdeen City Council [Link] – August to September, 2018
  • Scottish Planning System, Response to Research and Recommendations [Link] – August, 2018
  • UK Information Commissioner Consultation on Data Privacy and GDPR [Link] – July, 2018
  • Place Planning in Aberdeen, Summary of Letter to Aberdeen City Council [Link] – June, 2018
  • Place Planning in Scotland, Summary of Letter to Scottish Government [Link] – June, 2018
  • Planning (Scotland) Bill, Letter to Scottish Government and Parliament [Link] – May, 2018
  • Planning & Transport Legislation, Response from Scottish Government [Link] – March, 2018
  • Air Quality Information, Response from Aberdeen City Council [Link] – November, 2017
  • Air Quality Information, Response from Scottish Government [Link] – November, 2017 
  • Letter to Scottish Government & Independent Review Panel [Link] – June, 2017

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